“No matter what first hand experiences you’ve had, what stories you’ve heard or lived, what books you’ve read, what data you’ve analyzed or what prayers you’ve prayed...maybe they aren’t going to change their minds. So? You aren’t called to change their minds—only to bear witness.”—Jonathan Martin

On occasion people have asked what the point of this blog is. Originally I began by sharing my observations of the world around me and how that could be seen in my art and photography.

The observations became something more after my experience at a local church launched me on a journey of rediscovery. Those of you who regularly read this blog know the story. 

The journey continues. I’m not the same person I was three years ago when I started and I am confident I won’t be the same person three years from now. I discovered I thrive on the hard work of examining my beliefs and each step makes me a better person. 

(Being an Enneagram 5w4 it’s part of my nature to question and investigate.)

When people ask why it’s so important to me to examine what I’ve believed, I tell them that I’m interested in the truth. I’ve come to understand the truth is not as apparent as one might think. Often the truth is obscured by perspective, interpretation and plain ignorance of the past. I’m amazed how beliefs evolve and change over time and how far we’ve drifted.

This blog has become much more than originally intended. By writing my experiences down and posting them to the web, the blog becomes a witness of what my journey has been. If you let it, it calls all of us to do better, to consider the outcome before blindly following person or belief and to be consistent in the actions that support our beliefs. 

My purpose here isn’t to change your mind it’s to bear witness. What you do with that witness is up to you.