75 to 25

Just heard that Minneapolis First Covenant Church has been involuntarily removed from the Evangelical Covenant denomination. It’s hard to understand how a denomination that prides itself on freedom in non salvific beliefs can remove a vibrant church that seeks to live from a place of acceptance and love for all.

The vote of 75 to 25 wasn’t even close.

The work Minneapolis First Covenant has done has changed the the city they serve. They operate a day care center from their historic downtown location as well as a homeless shelter. They even sold their parking lot to the city so Minneapolis could build low rent housing. Far more than many churches do.

Now Their brothers and sisters in Christ have turned their backs and everything could change. So many lives will be negatively impacted. My hope is that the community they serve rallies around them and support them.

The ECC has one again chosen to disobey Jesus command to “Love one another.”

If you are still part of an ECC church it just might be time to leave.