Just a quick update to my last post. Evangelical Covenant Church President Emeritus Glenn Palmberg has posted a letter on his Facebook page stating his opposition to removing First Covenant Minneapolis from the ECC denomination. 

It’s good to see someone at the highest level of leadership in this church share a differing opinion. Hopefully this piece will give voting members pause when it comes to involuntary removal of a church from their denomination. The vote is scheduled to take place at the annual meeting June 27–29. 

Palmberg sums up his post with this quote: ”the record of misreading in Christian history is cause for humility in our own reading of the Bible. It should cause us to pause before we make authoritative statements about a particular interpretation of a passage, especially if it is an interpretation on which Christians authentically disagree. Simply put: we sometimes get it wrong.”

You can find Palmberg’s entire letter here  https://www.facebook.com/glenn.palmberg/posts/10211234901947701