The season of Lent begins Wednesday, March 6. Observing Lent is actually a rather new practice for me. I’ve only become aware of the tradition over the past five years or so. In a nutshell Lent is the 40 day of reflection prior to Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

Most people see it as a time of giving something up; chocolate, desserts, alcohol, etc. More trendy is the promise to do without Facebook, the internet or Netflix. Last year I did something different. I studied something. 

I answered the challenge from philosopher/theologian/author Peter Rollins to dive into Atheism for Lent. I have to confess, it came at a time where my faith was in a turmoil and I wanted to have nothing to do with traditional spiritual practices. Looking at Atheism was a great way to do something radical and test my beliefs.

The study is intense and requires a bit of a commitment. A different theme guides each week and readings, audio recordings and video are provided for each day. At the end of the week is a live video presentation by Rollins who also answers questions from the previous week.  Everything is online and can be completed at your own pace. 

There is also a very active Facebook group that can be joined to discuss the work with other course participants. This helps a lot when you get a bit stuck and you don’t want to wait for the live aspect of the course.

I plan on taking the journey again this year. Registration is now open. For more information visit and click on Atheism for Lent.

Do something radical and join me for Atheism for Lent.