I’m sorry you had to go through this.

I’m sorry your “community” has shunned you. 

I’m sorry you had to endure the gossip, lies and half-truths. 

I’m sorry something you meant for good was twisted into something ugly by people trying to cover their own mistakes.

I’m sorry the leadership team is scared by generous, intelligent, caring people like you.

I’m sorry you committed to, supported, prayed for and helped heal a community that doesn’t have your back.

I’m sorry your “pastor” chose to cast you out rather than answer your questions.

I’m sorry that the leadership of your “community” told everyone you had not been kicked out when in fact you had.

I’m sorry some people are far more concerned with optics than the truth. 

I’m sorry this “community” can sit together on Sunday mornings and be ok with this situation.

I’m sorry for the unnecessary pain and abuse inflicted by these “brothers and sisters.”

I’m sorry you haven’t found compassion, mercy or justice.

I’m sorry you spent two years jumping through hoops for a chance at reconciliation only to be told by a third party that your “pastor” refuses to speak to you.

I’m sorry you may never get the answers to your questions. 

I’m sorry these “Christians” have been such assholes to you. 

I’m most sorry that you’ll never hear the “pastor” say the words that start this post.