Happy new year. Welcome to my new website and blog.

In the coming months, I will be posting my thoughts on art, spirituality and life in general. If you find my words worth reading, visiting this space for more.

2017 was a year of change for me and the beginning of what I expect to be a long journey. I have a sense of things being open ended and unfinished. There seems to be what might be called a messiness or disarray in my faith journey at the moment. Surprisingly this doesn’t come with fear or panic. I feel more confident and assured that there’s a purpose and a road of discovery and experience ahead.

In April I stepped away from a faith community I had been part of for 5 years. Circumstances arose that made it impossible for me to remain there. I can’t go into much detail, but it was my faith and belief that acceptance in the kingdom and the local church is for everyone that belief brought about my exit.  

Looking back, this wasn’t the first step in my journey, but may have been the most public one. There continues to be pain and disenchantment associated with that time. It’s likely I will write on how that decision still drives my faith, but, for now I look to the path ahead.

Over the last eight months I’ve spent a lot of time reading, listening, painting and creating. Some of the artwork and photos on this site reflect this time. They might represent unknown or untraveled paths while others move toward the whimsical or surreal.

As for 2018, I am expectant. I embrace the continued change and look forward to opportunities for grace, generosity, peace and unconditional acceptance of others.